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Program overview

Standing at 2078 meters high (6,670 feet), Cerro Blanco is a mountain of sand that defies easy perception. It is majestic. It is surreal. Considered the highest sand dune in the world. 


You must be fit and  do not suffer any medical condition, the program starts at 4 or 5 am. therefore you will have to arrive in Nasca a day earlier. 

Most people head to Huacachina in Ica to do sand boarding but most people don’t know about the less-visited spot nearby known as Cerro Blanco, the tallest sand dune in the world with an altitude of 2078 above sea level and a height of 1176 meters from the summit to the ground. It is located 14 kilometers away from the famous city of Nazca, visited mostly for the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Nazca lines.

At the summit of the dune, you’ll be able to observe the Nazca Valley, the Andes mountain ranges, another impressive mountain where whale and shark fossils are often found, and the Pacific Ocean on clear days.

Our tour includes 3 hour hike starting in the early am to avoid the drenching heat in the desert. Hike are a must because buggies can’t go up due to the steepness of the mountain. After three intense hours, you’ll reach the tallest point of the dune and your guide will help you practice practice in small cuts of the dune before letting you go all the way down from a height of 1000 meters by yourself.


 What is included

  • Private tour

  • Professional Guide

  • Sand boarding practice

  • Touristic transportation/ air conditioning

  • Boards for sand-boarding

  • Assistance

What is not included

  • Meals

  • Drinks

  • Accommodation

  • 01 night camping additional 100 USD per person

  • Professional equipment 20 USD additional

Price per person

01 passenger 130 USD

02 passengers 75 USD

03 Passenger to more 50 USD

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