COD 1002

Price per person 230 USD ( minimum 02 participants)


There is not better flight than this one to experience the famous drawings. Stretching across the desert about 400 km south of Lima in Peru are the Nazca and Palpa Lines, the largest collection of geoglyphs in the world. These enormous artworks in the desert vary in complexity, from simple lines and geometric shapes to zoomorphic designs of animals, such as birds, fish, llamas, jaguars, and monkeys, or human figures. The designs are shallow lines made in the ground by removing the reddish pebbles and uncovering the whitish/grayish ground beneath. Today the Nazca and Palpa Lines are protected as a Unesco world heritage.

Duration : 1 hour

About the flight

Everyone gets a window seat for a perfect view of the lines! If you prefer a smoother ride aim to fly earlier in the morning when conditions are generally calmer with less likelihood of turbulence

  • Please do not forget your passport or ID is mandatory in the security process for boarding the plane, also do not bring much staff to the plane, for space and weight issues you are not going to be allowed to take much with you. Use light clothing.

  • The check in process over the counter includes hand over your passport , pay the airport tax and step on a scale to measure your weight

  • While you are waiting at the airport for your turn to fly our guide will brief you about the Nazca lines tour and watch a video about the Nazca culture.

  • Do not bring staff prohibited in most airports, otherwise security will keep it and returned to you after the flight. (most people end up forgetting their staff at the airport

  • Before to board the plane you will receive a briefing from the pilot or copilot explaining what you are about to see.

  • The flight takes 60 minutes the planes are for 2,4,5,6,and 12 passengers and the crew is composed by the pilot and the copilot, you will be provided with headphones to hear the pilot instructions to see the lines.

  • After the flight we will drive you back to your hotel or bus station in Nazca.

  • If you have to wait for a bus , we own a restaurant opposite to the bus station where you can relax, play a game , enjoy a pisco sour and use wifi. If you need shower or a place to sleep for few hours we are able to provide those too Just let us know in advance.

What is included

  • Pickup at your hotel or bus station.

  • Assistance

  • Briefing about the flight

  • One hour flight over the Palpa and Nazca lines.

  • Luggage storage

  • Free wifi

What is not included

  • Airport tax 10 USD

  • Meals

  • Drinks

Important Information and Recommendations:

  • All passengers must bring passports

  • Please wear light clothing (t-shirts, shorts, etc.)

  • Please eat breakfast after your flight

  • If your weight is greater than 90 kilos (200 lbs.) please let us know.

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